Familiar Place -  Analytical Work through Drawings and Paintings of a domestic space

In the first year of my art A-level I mostly focused on an expression of past memories through mixed media. Researching artists like Njideka Akunyili Crosby inspired me to use personal memorabilia, hidden in college or under layers of light tissue paper, adding an echo of warmth and familiarity into my work. I used layering in my work as a way to build on the past while adding new elements like stitched in patterns to it.

Documenting as Art - Drawings and Paintings

I created a series of cominations of two ideas from my development. I used a montage of family photos with gesso over top as a background for an object painted in acrylic paint as well as sellotape transfers. I combined the idea of collage with that of the object and used light layering in my work.

Work in Sketchbook - Art, Architecture and other strange things in my environment

My sketchbook is split into two lines of interests, one is architectural - mapping space, dimensions and details and the other leans towards images that are emotional - landscapes or scenes from memories for example.

Presevating History - Fabricating an Alternative Facade detail: Site Analysis: Drawings and Photogrammery

I wanted to develop my architecture skills beyond my school’s curriculum. I joined an Architectural workshop which for a period took me to see Throughout my time in Tuscany. I had the chance to stay at a 15th century castle, Castello del Calcione, which was composed of historic, beautiful and unique textures and designs.

Interpreting History - Fabricating an Alternative Facade Site Interpretations of Castle using Clay and Plaster cast imprints to recreate and construct the facade.

Inspired by the castle and the work I did for the preservation of its History. I wanted to translate the works of preservations into an interpretation of how one can rearticulate the CastleI made clay imprints of the walls, doorknobs, clay pots, tiles and hardware. I then used the imprints as molds for a plaster cast.

Dancing Architects: Performative Architecture Temporary Pavilion Proposal

For this project, I would like to create a shelter/ pavilion/ playground which can be used to fall back into the comfortable and natural childhood memories and simplicity.

Wearable Architecture - Translating Architect’s forms into Fashion

In this project I took inspiration from David Hockney’s paintings of the pool and Halston’s drawpings. I wanted to develop a wearable piece that was influenced by the same ideas and theories that Hockney also took reference from.

The Sculpture Paviliion - Casting Objects and Architecture

The main inspiration for this project was Carlo Scarpa’s architecture, in particular, his Sculpture Garden 1952 for the Venice Biennale. I was inspired to create a place to showcase sculptures while being a piece of art in itself and I wanted to make a sculpture pavilion of my own.

“De-materialising and Re-materialising” Scanning Park Guell in Barcelona and Manipulating the scans in Rhino and on Photoshop.

In this project I wanted to question the role of digitalisation as a tool for preservation of cultural heritage. The growing use and the development of digital technologies, since the birth of photography has provided opportunities for the increase of the conservation and documentation of the cultural heritage.