The Sculpture Pavillion

Casting Objects and Architecture

The main inspiration for this project was Carlo Scarpa’s architecture, in particular, his Sculpture Garden 1952 for the Venice Biennale. . I was inspired to create a place to showcase sculptures while being a piece of art in itself and I wanted to make a sculpture pavilion of my own. Similarly to Carlo Scarpa’s Garden, the architecture of the space would be the most important and central part of the design, however the sculptures that it displays would act as the decorative element. I liked the rather minimal and geometrical shapes in Scarpa’s work, like rounded edges, steps and platforms of which I made replicas. I was also inspired to use different textures and recreate tiles and the brick texture to add more dimension and variance. The House of K design also led me to include arches and platforms in my work as I liked them for focusing the viewers gaze and creating a viewport.

As part of an illustration which I did as the Art Editor for Harbinger’s online magazine for an article concerned with how COVID-19 influenced our daily customs and the way in which interact, I used my project, the Sculpture Pavilion,  to draw on how the pandemic has confined us to certain areas. I wanted to empahsite how pretty much all of the aspects of my life had been restricted to one space.