Preserving History

Fabricating an Alternative Facade detail: Recording Site through drawings and photogrammery

I wanted to develop my architecture skills beyond my school’s curriculum. I joined an Architectural workshop which for a period took me to see Throughout my time in Tuscany. I had the chance to stay at a 15th century castle, Castello del Calcione, which was composed of historic, beautiful and unique textures and designs. My first step was to start a site analysis of the Architecture, before trying to change, edit, remove the building I found I wanted to preserve. To do so I did a 1 : 200 section and plan of the Castle Facade. This exercise made me appreciate even more all of the details and work that goes into Architecture and I found my interests for preservation of architecture heightened.

Here I combined a photo with measurements with photogrammetry and a section drawing of the castle as a way to capture and preserve the facade of the courtyard at Castello Calcione.

A 1:500 Part Elevation and Plan Drawing of the Castle’s courtyard - detailing potential elements to cast and replicate.