Interpreting History

Fabricating an Alternative Facade
Site Interpretations of Castle using Clay and Plaster cast imprints to recreate and construct the facade.

Inspired by the castle and the work I did for the preservation of its History. I wanted to translate the works of preservations into an interpretation of how one can rearticulate the CastleI made clay imprints of the walls, doorknobs, clay pots, tiles and hardware. I then used the imprints as molds for a plaster cast. In the end, I made 12 plaster cubes with which I could rearrange to create different potential outcomes. The project made me realise how fragile is the past. And how important it is to protect it. With the increase in the demand in tourism and other factors such as the changing climate, expensive maintenance, our cultural heritage is at its high risk of destruction and loss. Thus, the importance of preserving, documenting it through scans or copies is of high importance.

Step 1: Idenfiting Elements of the Facade, Step 2: Creating the cast Mold, Step 3: Pouring the
Negative Mold, Step 4: Setting, Step 5: Exposing the Plaster Cast Material, Step 2: Creating the cast Mold , Step 7: Laying out the Plaster Cast Postive Molds