Familiar Places
Analytical Work through Drawings and Paintings of a domestic space

In the first year of my art A-level I mostly focused on an expression of past memories through mixed media. Researching artists like Njideka Akunyili Crosby inspired me to use personal memorabilia, hidden in college or under layers of light tissue paper, adding an echo of warmth and familiarity into my work. I used layering in my work as a way to build on the past while adding new elements like stitched in patterns to it.

More recently I’ve been working on my personal investigation for which I chose the theme “interiors”. I started with artist research on both Pierre Bonnard and a more contemporary artist, Matthias weischer. I was inspired by the compositions of their paintings. First, I wanted to emulate Pierre Bonnard’s use of colour to create light and shadow and his cropped and flattened interiors using the rooms in my immediate environment. I then did the same with Matthias Weischer but this time focusing on spatial layout and in particular, how an architect or artist can orchestrate how the viewer perceives space.

Drawing Overlay on Photogrammery. Using both digital and hand methods to survey a domestic space.

Watercolour under acetate, Living Room. For this sample I used watercoulour under finelinner photocopied on acetate to show the more structural elemnts of the living room