“De-materialising and Re-materialising”

Scanning Park Guell in Barcelona and Manipulating the scans in Rhino and on Photoshop.

In this project I wanted to question the role of digitalisation as a tool for preservation of cultural heritage. The growing use and the development of digital technologies, since the birth of photography has provided opportunities for the increase of the conservation and documentation of the cultural heritage. Allowing preservation of our cultural identity and the inseparable aspect of memory associated with it. My project provides an overview of non-invasive technology, such as photogrammetry. Tool which eased the production of materialised digitalised objects of study,leading to the production of facsimiles. Thus, questioning the authenticity and value of materialised replications,examining if those high-tech replicas help to save or act as a threat for our cultural heritage.

Photogrammetry scans put together with the glitch. Inspired by the design of Park Guell my proposal for a water filtration system in the city